Rendering sequences using multiple PCs over the network

Hello everyone,

is there any method to use multiple PCs to rendering out a sequence from Unreal? I’ll explain better.
I had a problem with lightmap that, for big projects, building lightmap could take a large amount of time, then I discovered this method: Unreal Swarm | Unreal Engine Documentation
that, using the Swarm Agent, I was able to distribute the work load to multiple PCs reducing lightmap build time drastically.

Is there a similar way to rendering out sequences from Unreal using different PCs connected to the network?


Swarm Agent is only for lightmaps-baking.
And no you can’t network render a sequence. Your rendertime must be huge :smiley:

A quick solution would be to set frame ranges for each PC - e.g 0-1000, 1001-2000, 2001-3000…
This can still get time consuming to setup, so I would recommend looking at submitting renders through command line on each PC:

Make sure to convert any effects to seeded, otherwise you’ll get pops.

you could set up batch sequencing
then at the end of the day you run your batch, and it’ll just render out all your frames from what you set up