Rendering problem on 4.5.1

Hi guys,

I just updated to 4.5.1 version and I’m having a lot of rendering issues. When I hit play, the image is terrible.

I’m trying to go back to 4.5.0, how can I do this?

Hey rafareis123 -

It looks like your Engine Scalability Settings may have been bumped down to below the EPIC settings. If you go under the Settings Icon on your Toolbar then Engine Scalability and make sure that you are on EPIC level for all settings and see if that clears up your problem. Let me know if this does not work for you and we will work on getting it fixed.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Thanks Eric! It´s worked! For some reason the settings was decreased.


Hi Eric. Before 4.5.1 I used Epic settings, but High settings were good too. Now, after the hotfix, High settings are a little distusting. At the moment I’ve ~120fps with Epic settings, but I would know if you have downscaled the High settings.