Rendering Out Elements and AOVs with sequencer end up crashing

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to export separate elements (characters, set) with additional AOV (velocity, world normal, etc) to be able to do some compositing off the engine, like a regular VFX workflow.
Currently, I’m following the instruction from this page :
and more particularly this video:
Every time I click on capture movie it results in a crash.
I’m maybe missing a step or something; Anyone did this before?

Thank in advance

might be too many passes for your videocard to handle?
can you not do the effects in shader alone?

I thought the same thing so I reduce to render only one aov (world normal) and It’s still crashing. I’m stuck on this one

if it’s not rendering out even one pass
it might be too much for the video card, maybe need some optimizations
or have to go through the log file to see what may be causing crashes