Rendering of a near by mountain range

I’m trying to map out a local mountain range with real topographical data and local plants. I got the terrain right and I’m currently working on the material. The foliage is just to look good but it’s pieces of what i’ll end up using. Opinions definitely appreciated.

You should try and get the lighting to be more uniform on the foliage. Is your material material two sided? The options I know to fix that are:
A) If you have planes on both sides, you can edit the normals to be pointing up.
B) If you aren’t using a normal map, just disable “Tangent space normals” and plug in a constant 3 vector with 0.22, 0.22, 1 into the normals input.

It can have some some dramatic effects in the quality of your grass.

I took your advice and here’s an updated picture. The lighting on the plants are a lot better. I also multiplied all the diffuse textures by the same color in an attempt to make things blend better but it’s a work in progress.

just added a new tree and changed the layout a little bit. I also used a spline to create a path and tried to blend it into the terrain.

Simplified the scene and tried to match the colors as well as lower the saturation.
I have 200k instances of grass and I’m getting about 30-40 fps with a gtx 760.
Also added the flashlight for night.