Rendering Occluded actors via Blueprint and Post-Process

I modified the WatchDogs project and added rendering of occluded actors via Blueprint and Post-Process. Here is a video.

Looking cool, lots of great game mechanics can come from something like this. Reminds me of the effects used in games like Resistance or Dishonored where they highlight objects or enemies that are hidden behind walls, etc. What’s your plan with the WatchDogs project? Thinking of turning it into a full game?

Hi ryan.

This looks nice! I tried something similar for occluded characters had some issues where my objects disappeared unless I hacked the bounds scale to maximum. Are you seeing this issue as well? (Perhaps it got fixed in the mean time)

Thank you Ivey. I remember this effect on Dishonored but my inspiration was Batman Arkham series (Detective Mode). This WatchDogs project is like a testing ground. I experiment newer things on this project. No plans for making this a full game because no characters or assets.

I remember visiting your site while searching on google. I too have disappearing mesh issue aswell. I will try the bounds scale fix and let you know. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

They told me on Answerhub this is supported, but it is broke apparently. Not sure what happened to that issue internally.

Pretty cool! I had made a Killzone: Shadow Fall type of scanner effect during Beta and i was able to render detected NPC’s behind other objects but not partially like yours. This gives me incentive to finish it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom…Increasing bounds scale fixed the issue! :smiley:

Nice Jacky. Any screenshots?

Nice! I coincidentally worked on that title! Got a screenshot to share?

That’s awesome! Having no consoles I haven’t even played the game unfortunately, but i watched playthroughs; amazing looking game with some fun mechanics. :slight_smile:

As i said i wasnt able to fix the custom depth so i dont have anything fun to show other than my BP setup for the scanner:


Spawn a sphere in player BP > scale it up with timeline from the player’s location > get overlapped actors > get the NPC meshes and set their custom depth. And the sphere’s material is something simple:

I dont know if i have the capacity to get the pp material work like ryan’s so i wouldnt mind if you guys felt like sharing it. ^^

No problem mate! Here you go. :slight_smile:

You never disappoint! Thanks a lot, Ryan. :slight_smile:

Hi! I have to say it was very helpful for me - the effect is great and the tutorial is even greater! However I spent a lot of time trying to achieve the material effect you are showing on your video from 1:15 till the end (grid on occluded parts) - without success. Can you possibly show this material’s setup or at least give me a hint how to create a mask only of occluded part of object? I will be incredibly grateful :slight_smile: