Rendering Multiple Static Cameras

Greetings -

I am trying to dynamically switch between rendering multiple static cameras to the screen at once. This is NOT meant to be split screen. Think of a puzzle game that you want to view multiple angles of the same puzzle. But to be able to do it with two cameras side by side, four cameras in a quad, and nine cameras in a grid.

Is there a simple way of positioning what part of the main game view renders a view from a camera? Any suggestions?


@garrettvparrish Easiest way is using SetViewTargetWithBlend. You can move between BP actors that have cameras in them using this. You can make the switch instantly, or ‘blend’ in which case it looks like you move the camera.

If your puzzle is a single BP, it’s a good idea to break it up into as many parts as you want cameras, because setviewtarget only works with actors that contain cameras. I didn’t manage to get it to switch between multiple cams in one actor.

Here’s a toot on it:

Inside one actor just use child actors with type camera, and you can then use the same blend to transition.