Rendering multiple cameras which can receive touch input

I have been given a project that requires two touch screens and two camera views of the world.
When I was given it, the second display was enabled by using two players, but touch input isn’t recognised by the second screen.
I believe is because the mouse or touch device is assigned to player index 0.

I understand that the game is set up to have one viewport per player, but because intellisense won’t work the UE4 engine project, I am finding it nearly impossible to navigate through the code to learn how it works and make modifications.
I have seen examples of projects using multiple monitors and it seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to do, but as I’m completely new to Unreal, it’s a bit beyond my current knowledge.

Does anyone know firstly how to get intellisense working? It can’t find any of the include files as they all seem to be relative to the local folder, not the root, which I guess works for NMake, but VS doesn’t like.

Secondly, does anyone have or know of a module that does any of this multi-monitor stuff already, or could provide guidance on how to do it?

By the way, intellisense is working on my project, but it isn’t working for the UE4 project (the engine/editor).

I really need help with this, I’m stuck until this problem is solved.