Rendering Movie From Blueprints

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I’m trying to create a UI that when I click “Playblast” it will kick off a render of the sequence I have open. Currently, when I press the button, it opens the Render Movie Preview but never actually starts the render. If I just render straight from the sequence it works, so I’m just wondering if anyone could help me.


Yeah it’s a shame that Epic is not posting much detailed documentation about all these cool pipeline features. However, they provided enough secret resources that hidden in the engine and maybe they are expecting developers to dig them out on their own lol.

To learn how to use the nodes properly and feed them with correct data, the best practice for me so far is to refer to the python source of it.
Enable showing engine content, then find the sequencer scripting tool and open the python folder to see the built-in python scripts.



Inside the script the first function is the perfect example.


You can follow the function structure to build your node connections exactly:

Also to get the movie rendered, it is better to launch a new UE4Editor instance just for rendering. You can do it by setting UseSeparateProcess to True:

This should get the node working properly. :slight_smile:


Do anyone know where can I find the Render Movie Node? For some reason its not in the All possible action list.


Please, can someone answer this question? How do you add the “Render Movie” node to a blueprint?

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I am also having a hard time finding the “Render Movie” node, any guidance on how you got that to appear would be super super helpful!