Rendering mockups with UE4 for art prints


I am a web developer who is building an ecommerce platform for visual artists looking to sell their artwork (paintings, photos, etc.)

I’d like to render mockups (video or static), like in this video (from 0:49) Architectural Visualization - Unreal Engine 4 (Archviz) - Photorealism - YouTube .

Every render, the artwork on the wall should be different. I want to be rendering these programmatically (via some sort of API). For this purpose I’d need to put UE4 engine on a web server.

My main question: do you think it’s possible and feasible? I haven’t found anyone offering UE4 rendering as an API-based software-as-a-service. I was wondering if it’s possible at all.

Also, I am not sure about computational resources needed for this. Let’s say I want to render the last 10 seconds of the provided youtube video. How much time it would take on a high-end VPS with GPU power?

Also, is it possible to render such UE4 scenes with some sort of caching (pre-rendering)? Let’s say I want to render 100 clips and every time only 1 object is different (the painting on the wall). Is it possible to optimise such a procedure, or will it need to be rendered from scratch every time?

I don’t have any UE4 knowledge, currently just exploring different options on how to offer artists the best mockup rendering in the world :slight_smile: The cinematic visuals rendered with UE4 by far exceed customer’s expectations. So I am looking for some guidance on the feasibility of this idea. If you have specialised knowledge and experience in this field, I can also pay for 1-on-1 consultation.