Rendering Matninee camera Animation Movie

hi, plzz help

i am new in unreal engine 4 (v 4.21.1).i try to make a cartoon movie clip. all works goes well.Means when scrolling my timeline indicator in matninee editor,the camera animation goes well where i animate and key frame it.
but when i start to render it.they well not showing me the camera which i create and animate.i also apply a blue print,event begineplay,selecting my matninee and inserting play blue print,
but same issue.i just take only one camera and there is no further camera in my scene but thy don’t give me the result or render of my scene.i delete all my camera and from start i will create a new camera and further all the steps but same problem that thy give me only a picture of side view and there is no camera on that place which thy give my a render file,
so plzz help me i am stucking from atlest one week on that problem
any body help
thats my email

do you have a ‘camera cut’ selected in the sequence…

no i haven’t select it,but when i animate my camera i select my camera then animate it but same issue,

are you using matinee or sequencer… i don’t know much about matinee, or sequencer for that matter, but have you seen the old tutorials… they might help


when you add a ‘shot’ to the sequence, you pick the camera from there and it will insert the camera view into the sequence for rendering… unless i’m just reading your question wrong, which is entirely possible (smile)…