Rendering Loading Screen

Hello, I know there are many other topics on this, however I am still confused.

I have my Loading Screen Widget and Animation created, however, how can I initialize the loading screen and loop the animation while the level is loading, and then wipe the hud?

I also have a start menu, which when “play” is clicked, it loads the next level then wipes the hud.

I would also like to know where to put the Blueprints in (The Level Blueprint, the Loading Screen BP, the Start menu BP).

I will try it, and get back to you if it works.


I don’t know if this is really the best approach but this is how I approached it so far.

First I used the GameState Class as Base for my Blueprint and attached it to the Game Mode I am using as standard.

Than I create an ENUM with all the States that are possible in my Game. The Game State than decides upon calling what controls to activate and most importantly in your case, what Widgets to add to the Viewport. Since this is still a prototype, the Game State will set on the beginning of play to the State Loading.

Now you can call different States depending what your Game requires and when it State Loading it will automatically display your loading screen.

Now from a functionality point of view, it really depends what you want to load and incorporate the necessary checks that when loading is done, it goes back to a default or in-progress State.

Great, let me know if you need any help, certainly my implementation is a bit more extensive so if you just need something working for quick iteration, you simply load your Widget when the Level opens and than let HUD Widgets load after a delay and Remove from Parent the Load Widget.

When loading a new level you first again use the same approach as it parents the Load widget and than reloads the HUD Widgets. You could though do of course some checks for the HUD like saying if its already loaded during the initialized Load, that it will be removed and re-added to the viewport.

As of UE 4.6.1 you cannot use animated UMG widgets while a new level is being loaded. UMG is not updated during level loading. You can only use the underlying Slate system from C++ by starting a “Movie Player”.

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