Rendering images

I use UE4 for a lot of marketing and promo images for our game. I prefer using it instead of other 3D software because all of our materials and shaders are already setup, so all we need to do is drop them in a level and setup some nice lighting and cameras.

The problem I’m constantly running into is outputting images. The screenshot tool loves to crash Unreal at very high resolutions and doesn’t produce a consistent pixel image size (all dependent on screen size). It makes rendering in the engine extremely frustrating.

I would love to see some better features implemented to output single frames at high resolutions. Being able to better isolate channels like specular, shadows, color, depth, etc would be awesome. It’s currently possible but requires lots of digging on forums and hacky workarounds. it would be great if this were all more intuitive and streamlined.

Thanks for listening!

The render size is going to be limited by your GPU memory, if you make it really large it might not be able to render.

Ansel let’s you do super high resolution images.