Rendering from C++

Hi All,
I have a procedurally generated scene which I understand that I can code in C++ in UE4. Now, to render a walk through - my understanding is that I need to open the editor, import scene and render it. Instead of that can I programmatically do in C++. Basically I want to do the following entirely in C++:

  1. Generate mesh, material and lighting procedurally in C++
  2. Populate a scene with above generated objects
  3. Render a sequence of image files

Implement above in c++ and compile and run the generated binary from command line to get rendered output. I guess I could do that in blender, but UE4 seems to have a very fast render code (although approximations are done) that generate very appealing images. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


Hello kvmn!

I think you might find this parallel thread interesting to find answers to at least some of your questions!

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