Rendering experiments


I made this thread for showing results of my experiments in rendering with Unreal Engine 4.

First scene, which I want to show you is a simple house.
I tried to make this scene looks realistic, but because it’s my first work in such area, some things haven’t turned out.
I used some models from Realistic Rendering, xoioBerlinFlat and this models I have to make materials and UVs by myself). House model was actually made by using BSP brushes :smiley:

House prototype:

I know, normally there should be a place for kitchen and bathroom, but in my concept it’s a complex of little buildings like this, which will be a great place to relax at nature.
So maybe I will make remaining buildings in future.

Continue practicing in lighting.





I’ve done this a few months ago, but I put this shots here for the sake of history.



After some experiments I found some good depth of field settings with bokeh method(I used gaussian method before for all my works).



Scene: Afterworld