[Rendering] Early Z Pass for masked materials

Hi Epic, There is a bug report here for this issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-76059)
Targeted fix is 4.23, is there anyway we can get this hotfixed into 4.22 branch, as this is quite a bad issue for people using lots of grass with masked materials.


There aren’t current plans for a hotfix, but we can investigate the option. Otherwise, if you use source, you should be able to pull the fix from GitHub.

Yes that is what i will likely do. I think it is worth investigating though as i have seen a bunch of content creators on the marketplace have to explain to their customers that there is an engine bug causing them performance problems with the foliage assets.
Would be worth looking into as it was fine in 4.22.1.

Anyway, Thanks for your time :slight_smile: