Rendering crashes on "Assertion failed: NewRange.GetLowerBound().IsClosed() && NewRange.GetUpperBound().IsClosed()

Hi! I’m new to rendering and Movie Render Pipeline, and probably need to do a deeper dive into the weeds so apologies in advance if this is an issue only I can properly diagnose. I just put it here in case anyone has a ready insight.

I am consistently getting this error when I try to render a Draft Still (or any still) of a Landscape I am building:

Error: appError called: Assertion failed: NewRange.GetLowerBound().IsClosed() && NewRange.GetUpperBound().IsClosed() [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\MovieScene\Private\MovieScene.cpp] [Line: 581]

Where line 581 is:

void UMovieScene::SetPlaybackRange(const TRange& NewRange, bool bAlwaysMarkDirty)
check(NewRange.GetLowerBound().IsClosed() && NewRange.GetUpperBound().IsClosed());

I assume this line is the direct cause of my crash, although various other warnings in the 2096 line crash report may be contributing factors:

  • Asset has been saved with empty engine version (I see this a lot)
  • Actor folder for actor StaticMeshActor_UAID encountered when not using actor folders

The larger context is that I’ve created a World Partitioned Landscape that is using an OpenLand Material with Grass, various nanite static meshes, procedural foliage, virtual height field mesh, and UltraDynamic Sky.

I’ve also made a simple landscape of the same topography in a separate, with no materials or static meshes, hoping to isolate where I am introducing the issue. I should note here that the Level Sequence I have created works with this Simple Map, so I don’t think it is anything about my basic setup- though I have added keyframes at the beginning and end of the 5 frame sequence to see if that affects anything (it did not).

So I am about to undertake the laborious gradual building up of the simple landscape to determine when the error is introduced, but if anyone has any insight here, or is encountering similar diffculties, please let me know!

Many thanks.

I am tagging this am I am also running into issues with this same error.

When I sniffed out this path for us it seemed to be related to NDI plugins and another custom production utility that were both utilizing RHIT2DTexture. I thought it was related to a SceneCapture hack we were imploying to use a custom NDI tool.

Here was my error for reference.
ssertion failed: NewRange.GetLowerBound().IsOpen() NewRange.GetUpperBound().IsOpen() NewRange.GetLowerBoundValue() <= NewRange.GetUpperBoundValue()

I’ll have to trigger it again to get the reference for the RHIT thread thats being tickled with the error. I will report a screenshot when I get back in the studio.

Getting the same as well. Any luck into finding the cause>? Thanks.