Rendering cancels out my rail rig moves

So I’m doing a take recording using mocap and iphone for face. Imports in fine. I’m doing a car scene which I need the car to be moving while there is dialogue inside the vehicle. So I add a rail rig to the sequence, but every time the game saves or I try to render the shot, the rail rig turns red doesn’t recognize it and the car doesn’t move along the track. Is there an easier way to move the vehicle while recording the mocap and facial app?

Is the rail spawned or posessable? Sounds like it disconnects.

I think it’s spawned.

If your frame is outside the defined frame range then camera or anything spawnable with turn red and won’t move. Simply scrub into the frame range. Change Play options in sequencer to keep cursor in valid frame range. If you change the level or do something possesable’s can become disconnected as well and turn red. In those cases re-select the item and click on the track and do an assign or replace actor with selected actor.