Rendering artifacts Android


i am trying to test out my game on my android tablet, but i am getting weird artifacts.

Tablet: ← artifacts
Nexus 7 v1
android 5.1

Phone: ← works 5fps
moto g
android 5.0.2

does any one know what could be the problem.

I was thinking maybe i need to compile it for a newer version of android but i cant find the option.

Edit: after turning off HDR as mentioned here: Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices | Unreal Engine Documentation

Tablet: ← crashes fails to do anything
Nexus 7 v1
android 5.1

Phone: ← 30 + fbs
moto g
android 5.0.2

Edit 2: some logcat logs

D/UE4 ( 5863): [2015.04.03-15.25.57:904] 0]LogRHI: OpenGL MajorVersion = 2
, MinorVersion = 0, ShaderPlatform = GLSL_ES2, FeatureLevel = ES2
D/UE4 ( 5863): [2015.04.03-15.25.57:904] 0]LogRHI: PLATFORM_ANDROID
D/UE4 ( 5863): [2015.04.03-15.25.57:905] 0]LogRHI:Display: Testing for sha
der compiler compatibility
D/UE4 ( 5863): [2015.04.03-15.25.57:905] 0]LogRHI:Display: Shaders compile
fine no need to enable hacks
D/UE4 ( 5863): [2015.04.03-15.25.57:905] 0]LogTextLocalizationManager: The
requested culture (‘en_US’) has no localization data; parent culture’s (‘en’) l
ocalization data will be used.
D/UE4 ( 5863): Fatal error: [File:D:\BuildFarm\buildmachine_++depot+UE4-Rele
ases+4.7\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private\Materials\MaterialShared.cpp] [Lin
e: 1290]
D/UE4 ( 5863): Failed to find shader map for default material WorldGridMater
ial! Please make sure cooking was successful.
D/UE4 ( 5863): [2015.04.03-15.25.57:906] 0]LogMaterial:Fatal: Failed to fi
nd shader map for default material WorldGridMaterial! Please make sure cooking
was successful.
I/art ( 5863): System.exit called, status: 0
I/AndroidRuntime( 5863): VM exiting with result code 0, cleanup skipped.
I/WindowState( 462): WIN DEATH: Window{2603ad95 u0 com.YourCompany.TestGame/com

apparently a fatal error and something to do with not being able to find the WorldGridMaterial i don’t think i am using it though and i don’t know if the error is related to it.

From my own experience, and what you have described here, UE4 does not run on a Tegra 3 device. That’s why you are getting those artifacts.

hmm that is interesting,

when reading:

it does seem to hint at:
Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 GPU’s
Includes HTC One X Plus, LG Optimus 2X, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1", Motorola Xoom, and Asus Transformer
Graphical Corruption Present

so you might be right but it still seems odd seeing unreal uses the Tegra Android development pack


I have tested an UE4 game on the Nexus 7 (v1, year 2012) with no problems at all, getting rather stable 30FPS. Here is the link to the project’s description: LINK

Did you try creating a new project, choosing the mobile/scalable settings while creating the project, and than building a game with just a single empty scene? You are probably using something that Tegra 3 can’t handle, maybe in shaders, maybe in your project settings under the rendering tab or something related to lighting. But Nexus 7 can run an UE4 app, that I do know for sure.


I don’t think i set it up for mobile, let me see if that helps anything. nope even an empty project setup for mobile fails to run on my tablet. i am going to try a previous version of unreal.

I’m looking at issues with Tegra 2 and 3 with Mobile HDR enabled; it works properly with it off.

The WorldGridMaterial issue may be related to a cooking problem fixed in 4.7.4. The derived data cache may contain a bad version of the cooked asset. Try deleting the DerivedDataCache folder in the Engine folder and the Binaries, DerivedDataCache, Intermediate, and Saved folders in your project’s folder before starting the editor. It will take a while to start the first time since it will need to recompile all the shaders.

Chris your a life saver. it now runs on my tablet as well. although i expected it to preform better then my phone i do now get to see stuff on screen.