Rendering a Scene Using 2 Cameras W/Different Clipping Planes?

Looking for some good discussion and ideas on this one folks!

So we have a very nice visualization of earth as part of out game now, and a nice Satellite and some debris objects to go with it. Now we realise that we’re going to have to breach reality ‘a bit’ in terms of the scale of the orbiting objects relative to the Earth, but we’d like to make the objects considerably smaller than they currently are, but still be able to get close to them. Unfortunately, the issue with the clipping planes prevents us having objects we can get close to that are so different in scale to one another, unless we want to start seeing some huge visual glitches or clipping.

We’re in a situation where we would have to render the Earth and surrounding environment using one camera with a more distant clipping plane, and the satellites and closer objects with a different clipping plane. I can’t imagine that Unreal has an easy way to do this by default, but if anybody has a good idea on where to start, I’d like to hear more, even external resources if anybody knows of anything!