Rendering a cinematic turns out wrong. Camera ends up somewhere else

I made a short video sequence. In the sequencer preview it’s all good but when I render a video to avi the camera ends up somewhere totally different and doesnt even move. In the dropdown menu where it says choose a world I have a thirdpersonexamplemap and the camera after rendering seems to spawn in the characters position. No idea why.

Do you have a camera cut track? That’s needed to indicate which camera to look through.

This is what my preview is showing before rendering:

and this is what it looks like after rendering:

Almost as if it’s zoomed in for some reason. Tried playing with focal length. Didint work.

I am having the same problem. I do have a camera cut track.

Sounds obvious but did you check the final AVI in a separate media player? Sometimes the ‘movie render window’ shows the shot zoomed in as its rendering it but then final result has the correct framing.

Bro Just disable World Partition on World settings, Uncheck ‘Enable Streaming’ and everything will be OK.