Rendering a camera pan but there are watermarks in the render that I did not place.

I’m super new at using Unreal Editor to begin with, just dabble with it every once in a while and I often forget every time I touch it what I’m doing. But, this past week I was fooling around with some of the free ArchViz downloads just to try to make some nice looking video of some interior environments. I made three different projects, changing out stuff and lighting and whatnot. On my third scene I was doing, once I placed my camera, moved it, and rendered it, for some reason this time I have some watermarks in the corners and what looks like a circular weapon reticule in the render.

Does anybody have any clue as to where these came from? I even added a new camera and moved it around a bit to get a test render and the watermarks show up there too. They never show up when I change the viewport to the camera’s view, only when I render it out. It never happened in the two other scenes that I made so I’m scratching my head here. I searched around tutorials and forums and could not find anything that references things like these. I’m sure it’s probably something simple but I’m at a loss!

Below is what I’m talking about. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!