Renderinf Audio in Sequencer

I recently finished my first environment project set up in Unreal Engine 4.24.3, and I created a sequence video as a trailer (using sequencer).
I have added an audio wav to the sequence and whenever I test play it, it works fine (video and audio) but whenever I render the sequence to a video (avi), it does not render the audio.
If I choose the ´Master Audio Submix (Experimental) option in the Audio Output Format, it renders the video and the audio seperately; one as avi and the other as wav accordingly.

How can I render a complete video with the audio included in the avi video?

Thank you for the help!


Hello! Ive got exacly the same problem, i spent 2 days for that simple thing…
Can someone tell what in doing wrong, please.
tried Every thing, there is some my adjustments in attach:

I have never ever used sequencer, but if it spits out an .avi and a .wav separately, containing everything together…we can use external program or script to combine them into finished product.

It will be great thx! But i can add audio in sequencer… it have to record sound somehow…

In the top post they said “choose the Master Audio Submix (Experimental) option in the Audio Output Format”, that should spit out a .wav recording of all audio. If I understood your question correctly.

Of cource i did that, but there is still no sound, even in .wav file…

I have searced the the internet globe for an answer and it seems there isn´t a way to capture and export a both video and audio in the same file.

How I solved it was:

  • capture the video in unreal as a sequence of jpeg images.
  • import the images to After Effects and create a compostion
  • add the wav file to the composition
  • render the video using Adobe Media Encoder to get it in H264 (mp4) format beacuse the newer versions of After Effects don´t support mp4 format anymore.

Hope this helps -

Maybe play it back in sequencer and record system audio in background?

THANK YOU! Its a way, not the straight one, but ok… I cannot understand so why i use sound in sequencer if i can not use it in render? There is no sence((

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If you want to check the result, here it is under “Kufic Temple”

I was having the same question and i got surprised that you cant render audio and vid at the same time with UE4, it was suspicious that i couldn’t find a tutorial about it, what a disappointment, now i have to use external programs to make it :weary: