Rendered Market Place and Engine Samples for use as demo content for 4K Displays

From what I can tell this may be acceptable within the EULA under similar terms as arcvis and because it is distinctly content made using an Unreal Engine project.

Using offline rendering at 3840x2160 120fps to create PNG sequence using either sample content or Marketplace content. Would this be allowed for use as demo content for 4K displays/projectors/media players or similar at an exhibition or in-house demo (not at point of sale, ie: in a store). Fully attributed with a description that rendering is using Unreal Engine and that Epic is the content creator (or Marketplace creator).

Would this be allowed for:

  1. Epic Samples (ie: Matinee and Kite projects)
  2. Using content from the Market Place?

TL;DR Using Marketplace/Sample content to be rendered non-realtime in Unreal Engine to show off high resolution displays at exhibitions with full credit to everyone involved.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!

That sounds fine - per the EULA Section 4(3), linear non-interactive Products are royalty free and it sounds like that’s what you intend. That’s ok for Epic Samples or Marketplace content.