Render Texture to UV with UMG?

I was curious if there is a way to use something like this image below that can render ammo count on my weapon with UMG? At the time it was Scaleform, but I was curious if UMG can do the same?



After looking into a few different methods that might be possible to do this with the current state of UMG I have determined that it would not be an efficient method to make an ammo counter of the type that you are looking for. I do have a couple of alter methods that you may find useful.

Idea 1:
You could use a TextRenderComponent like what can be found in the Vehicle template. (You can find it in the components tab of the Sadan blueprint). You would apply this to the weapon in the components tab.

Idea 2:
This one would take a little more work but it would the same result with the added benefit of not being limited to the fonts you have. You could use a flipbook texture which would be updated dynamically during game play and applied to a plane that would also be attached to the weapon in the components tab. You would need to set up your numbers in a perfect grid(to use as the texture for the flipbook). Here is a short video that shows how to set up a flipbook texture. You will also need a Material Parameter Colletion. (Right click Content broswer > Materials and Textures > Material Parameter Collection ). For this example I set the “AmmoCount” to update when I press the ‘F’ key. I hope this gets you started.

Here is how I set up my flipbook:

Here is my Material Parameter Collection setup:

Here is My Character blueprint:

Thank you for this Rudy!! This was extreme help! Must say a crazy work around but it works :-)!!