Render Targets on Destructible Mesh

I have been working on a wall destruction system and my goal is to have small bullet holes that you can see through, and when enough of those group together, the destructible mesh then fractures around that grouping. I have this all set up and working, minus the see through holes. The method I was attempting was to use render targetopacoty masking, which works perfect on static meshes but doesn’t work on destructible meshes because of the UVs of the destructible.
So my questions

  • Is there a way to retrieve the UV from each of the chunks of the destructible mesh?
  • Is there another way I can create see through bullet holes in a destructible mesh in the scope of my initial idea?

ALSO, I don’t need the chunks to ever exist after they have separated from the main destructible mesh, so what are some ways I can improve that performance by just never having them simulate for even a moment once broken off? I’ll emulate those pieces coming off by using particles and such.

Hey Mate, idk if u are still here, but i try to make a similiar system, but i dont get the result u describing in ur post. maybe u can share me some tipps and advices to archive the same result like you