Render shots from a master sequence as individual files

Thanks for the new forum section!

Is there a way to render shots from a master sequence as individual files? In my current workflow, I’m basically using the master sequence as a draft, but then I’m bringing individual shots into Premiere for post processing. I’d like to keep them as individual files so that if I make a tiny edit to one I don’t have to re-render the entire master sequence. The problem is that for the initial render, I have to go through and manually render each shot separately, which gets pretty annoying for longer sequences.

Any suggestions for this kind of feature? Or perhaps a different workflow that I’m not thinking of?

Yup, that is quite straight forward.

The way I set my renders up, I add the {shot} variable to my folder path, so the image sequences will each be in their own folders when rendering the master sequence.

You can use the same {shot} in the filename, so the engine takes care of that for you.

Oh so simple! Thanks!