Render Settings with Chroma Key

Hi. I’m currently working on a project in which I place a video with a green background, then I key it inside of Unreal so it matches the background. I’m working on a Unreal Marketplace map and it’s working fine so far.

My problem comes when I try to export the video. I create my sequence, cameras, shots, etc. The shot I’m currently working on is this one, which has a screen in the back that is playing a looped video and in front the main video which has the removed background.

The level blueprint has the correct settings to play both videos (back screen and character video) once I press Play. So it works fine on the viewport. Also, when I only have one video, let’s say the character one, and in the back screen I have a static image it renders perfectly as shown on the viewport. However when I try to export both videos they do not work correctly or as shown on the viewport.

What happens is that both videos run really fast when it’s exported. So it keeps looping and looping. These are my render settings

I’ve already matched the frame rate of the sequencer and both videos. I’m working on windows, when I try to export it in Apple ProRes it ruins it completely. It seems to work better with .avi

These is the level blueprint

Does anyone know what might be causing the problem or what i’m doing wrong? Thanks

maybe use image sequences?

they talk about how vidoes don’t work on frame yet