render settings : custom burn-in automation via python

We record our takes via the take recorder with incoming mocap data from xsense.
These takes are named as per the production departments naming scheme.
When shooting finishes we have to turn in the renders for editorial.

As of now we have to individually set what we want from the burn in options in the sequence render settings.
I would ideally like to batch render these files but there is no option to set a global burin -in for these files. Therefore my artist has to select each file and individually clear most of the burin in options and use perhaps just one field (seq name) that he needs.
However this setting does not persist when I open up another sequence to render. It’s becoming quite painful to do this.

Can someone guide me to a section of the python documentation I can look so I can spaghetti code something in Python ?
Really appreciate it.




haven’t tried it myself yet, but it should be something like this:

Create an instance of AutomatedLevelSequenceCapture with the settings you want/need

capture_settings = unreal.AutomatedLevelSequenceCapture()

Set everything you need for burn in.

burn_in_options = unreal.LevelSequenceBurnInOptions()
burn_in_options.settings.set_editor_property(‘TopLeftText’, “{MasterName}”)

Assign to your capture settings.

capture_settings.burn_in_options = burn_in_options


Thank you and apologies for the late revert.
I was running a deadline so I just hijacked the default DefaultBurnIn BP class in the engine content /movie render pipeline folder.
Then I deleted the default text in the Designer section of the BP and then unhooked all the functions in the Graph section.
Said a small prayer and it worked.

I’ll play it more safe after your help.