render sequence from packaged game

Is there a way to render out a cinematic from sequencer in a packaged game? I know there are command line flags for rendering but only in editor mode.

When does the RayTracing magic happen - on Baking or on Runtime? Meaning - if I don’t have a RTX to bake,build,package but my Client has - whill he profit from RTX on a packaged Game or not?

Background why I need this: I’m doing a little animatione sequence and it should use raytraced reflections. My development Machine does not have a RTX. I’d like to package the project, rent a cloud GPU which is capable of RayTracing, render my Video, and everything would be nice…

Thanks for feedback or ideas

I think the BP “ExportRenderTarget” node might help you with this. It will only give you pictures, but you could sequence those into a video with external software. And you will have to manually increment the frames in the sequence. (Bake Frame in the node graph clears the render target and then draws a material to the render target, if you want to edit the final image before you export it. e.g. watermark)

I have not worked with RayTracing yet, but if you can activate it for the project, build it afterwards and then ship it, it should work on the client, I think.