Render only a part of Camera Sequencer?

Hi all

I’m new to UE4, and i want to ask you guys if this is possible to make the sequence render, to save only a part of a camera.

Pratically i want to do a cinematic with an output of 10.000 x 2000 px resolution, and for what i see, UE4 don’t go over 8k at the sequence render.

I googled so much but as a newbie from the engine i can’t find the right keywords.

As you can see from the image my idea was that i want to render only a portion of the camera (left and right) and then recompose it with another program.
Is this possible to do? and that’s the way you guys would choose in order to do something like this with a very high resolution? I know blueprints exist, but i need to know if Unreal is the right software for this work!

Thanks have a nice day and sorry for my bad english!