Render mesh over the world, DepthPriorityGroups?

Hey :>

I’m trying to have my arms and gun rendered over the world to avoid clipping, in UDK I used DepthPriorityGroups to force them to render over the world but in UE4 they don’t have any effect and I read that they have been deprecated.
I checked the Shooter Demo but even there I noticed that they would still clip through objects.
I’m sure they has to be an other way to do this but I can’t figure it out, does any one know?

I also posted this on the answer hub a few days ago but it quickly feel off the front page and got banished into the dark abyss.

give them a collision mesh and then setup collision properties?

You’ll need to set up the meshes in such a way that they no longer clip the world. The original UT did this by making them quite small and just sitting in front of the camera.

We do not support DepthPriorityGroups any more, we will be removing that option from the API, sorry for any confusion it has caused.

You will need to ensure that the arms do not clip into the world, either through adjusting their position and size in relation to the player collision, or by animating them when you get close to a wall. With a deferred renderer like UE4, it is hard to handle ‘foreground’ objects totally divorced from the rest of the scene - it tends to break down with shadows, lighting, depth effects etc. Also, placing them in a foreground DPG makes it very hard to have them ever interact properly with the scene.

I just ran into the same problem and instead of solving it with a “cheat” like a foregroundRender thing, I decided to ignore the problem for now and create something like an IK “oh **** there is a wall, I better put my hands on to not crush my face” system like they used in The Last Of Us later.

Basically just calculating the position and normal of the surface you are facing and make your hand sit on it for the time you are close to it. This would be more next-gen than depth priority groups :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not sure when or if I will tackle this problem tough.

Ah thanks for the responses.

I’ll have to try those suggestions out.
Not sure how well it will work out for the FP legs (it took alot of tweaking and unrealistic scaling to make them “feel” right).