Render/lighting difference between masked and opaque landscape material?

Hi, I was wondering why my entire scene has a complete different lighting when using a masked landscape material. All I did was set the material to masked and then used the visibility tool to mask away a bot from the landscape. The entire scene looks nothing as I want it to.



Is there something I’m missing or doing wrong?

Hey Joure,

After changing over your material blend mode from Opaque to Masked, have you rebuilt your lighting to see if that returns your issue to normal?

You mention you used the landscape visibility tool to mask away the bottom, but I am not totally sure what you mean by this process.

Would you mind providing me with some simple steps so I can reproduce this in a new blank project?

Thank you,

Hi, thanks for the reply.

So, inside the house there’s a basement. The landscape material I was using didn’t have a landscape visibility mask, so I added one today. After that I masked away the area inside the basement, after that I rebuilt the scene at the highest quality settings to see how the inside of the basement would look.

So I made a building (using BSP brushes for the moment) with two floors and a basement and then simple masked the areas in the basement and rebuilt the scene. That’s basically all I did. I changed back the material and removed the visibility mask, but I did not remove the actual masked area, yet the landscape lighting stayed the same. So my hunch is that the masked area somehow is causing an issue?

I lack the experience to fully understand the rendering techniques involved. If you need more information I will do my best to provide whatever is needed.

You are welcome, and thank you for providing me with some instructions as requested. There are a couple more pieces of information I am going to need in order to successfully reproduce this issue.

  • Could you provide me with a screenshot of your Landscape Material Editor graph, so I can look at your Material and it’s properties?

  • Have you applied this material to the Landscape Hole material slot as well?


Hi, I’m so sorry for not replying sooner. My hard drive had a fatal crash and have been busy setting up my project.

I had a tough time with trying to salvage my HDD but to no avail. I had to reinstall windows and everything else.

I was lucky to have a recent build but not at the point of my issue. Right now I’m working towards were I was at.

I will update asap (within one or two days and provide the screenshots if the problem remains.

No worries, I appreciate you returning with an update to your status. I’m sorry to hear of the fatal crash/error though :frowning: Those are never fun, but I hope you are up and running back to the point where you were.