Render for animated series in unreal

Hello everyone, I am new here in the group, so I apologize if my questions seem silly.
I am building a pipeline in my post production company here in Brazil and would like to know if there is integration between the unreal and maya to do motion capture in real time.
My idea is to make a pipeline that has integration between Maya and Mocap and Unreal, and make an animated series with this technological junction in real time without rendering, you have done this? is possible to do this?

I base this case here:

Thank You!

It doesn’t have that type of feature, but since the full engine source is available you could integrate it on your own. For instance, there’s a plugin being worked on for Kinect integration that could do something like that, not good enough quality for a show, but it’s an example of what you can do.

Sure I did, but this here that Lucasfilm has? WHAT is well want to do, I need to develop a tool?

Yes, you would have to develop integration to whatever hardware you want to use–not many people need that feature so it doesn’t exist.