Render distance for actors?

Alright this is driving me crazy, how do i set a render distance for an actor? im making a huge World with lots of actors so i need to make them invisible or something at a distance. And since the Cull distance volume doesnt affect actors. then how do i set cull distance for them?

Thanks for an answear!

Hello yghtim,

Currently there is a bug in place that deals with Cull Distance Volumes not functioning while in the viewport. Regular actors like Static Meshes can be affected by Cull Distance Volumes and require a little bit of set up.

Cull Distance Volume Set Up

Cull Distance Volume during PIE

As you can see, when I press play, at the correct distances set by the volume, those meshes have been culled out of view.

Let me know if you have further questions.


Yes those are the volumes i was talking about, and ye i can get them to work for my static meshes, but they doesnt seem to affect actors like characters and stuff. Sry if im unclear english is my second language.

in short: the cull volume doesnt affect characters. i want to cull my characters.

So I just re-opened a bug that deals with the culling using cull distance volumes of Skeletal Meshes within Blueprints as well as just placed as actors in the world. Currently Skeletal Meshes are not affected by cull distance volumes


As I mentioned earlier, they do work with static meshes, but you need to press play in order to see the culling taking effect. What you can do instead, is to set up some custom logic in blueprints that will set the ‘Actor Hidden in Game’ to true at a specific distance from the camera. This way the actor will be culled out of view and draw calls.


This bug does not exist on the tracker, and there is still no way to deal with this other than custom logic

I have updated the tracker so the ticket is publicly visible. This has been fixed. Please see the developers notes about the issue.