Render by Python Code

Hello, I’m trying to render a sequence using the


import sequencer_examples


sequencer_asset_path = r"...Unreal Projects\MyProject\Content\Cinematics\Sequences\RecordedSequence\RecordedSequence.uasset"

does produce following error:

LogPython: Error: RuntimeError: SoftObjectPath: Object path …\RecordedSequence.uasset] not valid for MakeSoftObjectPath.

I’ve tried different variation like excluding the file ending (.uasset) or just using the file folder (“…Sequences\RecordedSequence”). Both did produce same error. Thankful for any help!

Solved, I had to use



Now I’m still struggling with the render settings. I want to use custom frame rates, but the total image number produced by this routine does not get affected by chaning FrameRate…

capture_settings.settings.use_custom_frame_rate = True
capture_settings.settings.custom_frame_rate = unreal.FrameRate(24,1)

Do I miss something?