Render a building into a picture in UE4

Has anyone here tried to render a building or a facade into a picture for something like a facade renovation or a bird’s eye site plan? I am trying to accomplish this and so far have not been able to figure this out. I know a majority of it is done in photoshop but I am struggling with getting the camera perspective right to match the photo. I posted a similar topic over in the rendering forum here but I got nothing yet that has worked so I figured I would check here and see if anyone here has done this. I know it can be done in 3DS Max but I would prefer to use Unreal. Thanks.

Link to something similar:

There’s no additional tools in UE4 to help with that, it’d be much easier to set up the camera in 3ds Max, since in UE4 the only thing you can do is try to move and rotate the camera by hand.

Ok that’s what I was starting to think but I wasn’t sure. Thanks.

If you have a 3ds max scene you could position the camera in there and then export a box or any other object as a placeholder into unreal with the exact camera rotation and position. Then within unreal place a cine camera and set it up so it matches the camera the shot was taken. Then:

  • select the place holder box
  • in the World Outliner window right click the box and choose align view to object (this will align the viewport to the box)
  • then select the camera
  • in the outliner window right click the camera and choose align object to view (this will align the camera to the viewport)
  • then “pilot” the camera (same way as above) and take your image.

Don’t move the camera around while you pilot it otherwise you have to repeat everything. It is a bit cumbersome but it kinda works.

Also if you need a specific resolution you can type into the console “highresshot 4096x2048” for example and it will take a shot that size. But this doesn’t really work while you pilot a cine camera. Instead it will keep the ratio and crop the image according to the camera type or lense you did choose from the drop down box in the details panel.

This is similar to how I did it. So I will just keep using that same method. Thanks for your input

The datasmith import/export will allow you to export the camera from within 3DS Max - so you’ll get the exact coordinates in UE4 for your camera you’ve setup in 3DS Max.

Yeah I did that but I was hoping to not have to do anything in 3DS other than export from it. I don’t think that what I am trying to accomplish is currently possible with UE only.