Renaming objects creates duplicates - why?

When I rename an object, it creates a duplicate asset in its folder, and then renames that. The old asset remains, invisible in the editor but still in the folder. If I want to rename something back to its original name, I have to manually go into the folder and delete the old copy before I can return the updated one.

I don’t understand why this is the case. Is it a bug?

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This is a re-director. You can fix this by right clicking on your folder > Fix Up Redirectors via the Content Browser.

You can read more about this in our documentation:


Nope, it’s not a bug. I’m no expert but I believe it’s to do with the way UE4 handles version control (someone better versed with this could explain it better).

To have UE4 remove the duplicate files in a particular asset folder, r-click on it and select “Fix Up Redirectors in Folder”. Do not under any circumstances delete the files manually from your file manager.

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Thank you! You are right… but… I mean… come on…

Anyway, I couldn’t find info and the link is dead.