Renaming/moving folders and blueprints

So I’m having some difficulty renaming folders and blueprints. I want a clean hierarchy, with more logical asset names. However, when I move a directory or rename a blueprint, my scene functionality gets broken. Stuff inside blueprints must be manually fixed. We’re talking about customized stuff derived from the marketplace. Can anybody elaborate on how I can rename folders/assets, and move folders without any problems? It makes my project files unnecessarily heavy and messed. Thanks.

Do you rename/ move inside ue4 editor? if yes ue should adjust automatically. I only got problems when i was moving inside project folder in windows explorer.

Yes inside the editor

There are a lot of cannot find file for asset bla bla. Sounds pretty stupid if one cannot move assets or give their directories new names.

I’ve seen this before countless times also. Moving / renaming in UE4 is filled with gotchas.
Its safer to Clone / Copy, then re-link manually… Not sure why Epic never polished this???
To strim out the leftovers, it can be helpful to ‘migrate’ out your project from time to time too…

Complaints of missing files happens because you move some folder then delete its remains before clicking “fix redirectors” on it.
Redirectors shouldn’t even exist, but they never remove this thing from the engine.

So if I migrate in a directory which holds a lot of blueprints with many variables, then it should be possible to change name on the upper directory, just if I right click and “fix redirections”? I did everything except from fix redirections. I saved and closed, and reopened, then fix redirections. Too late?

I’m following this up by saying thanks to **TomaszuJerzy, franktech, and BrUnO XaVIeR for taking your time to respond to my post. **
“Fix redirections” after moving or renaming solved my problems!