Renaming is unsafe

I needed order and decided to rename folders and files of my unreal project. I knew it isn’t totally safe, but I needed it really. I made several renaming actions. One of the lhe last thing I did was moving skeleton from folder to folder, and everything was fine, I tested, my game was working, and I decided to save everything and close. When reopenned, it was clear that my animation blueprint lost its skeleton, and now I don’t know how to assign it back.
I found the one that was renamed - it was intact, but the new one, that should be a new one in another folder - it was empty.

I saw that there is a plugin that helps safely rename/delete files in unreal projects - why wouldn’t you fix this, please? I can’t find the plugin, unfortunately, but I think it should be not a plugin- it should be in the root of unreal engine.



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