Renaming Folders + other feedback and crash bugs

Thought I post some feedback from my experience.

-I can’t seem to rename folders for some reason. It’s greyed out, unselectable. Is this a bug of some kind? Would be wonderful if we can do this.

Also some bugs and feedback in case someone is interested.

-UDK will crash if your .fbx file name is the same as a texture node within your Maya files. I was crashing because test.fbx includes a material with test.png. I had to rename my textures to test_D.png to solve this issue. Generally not really a bug but just in case someone was having trouble. It’s better to have unique names for everything including texture files.

-Mouse inversion? This still carried on from UE3, not really that bad but it is a bit tricky when my mouse orientation can’t be inverted to match my preferred software. Would be wonderful if we can get this feature in UDK.

-Content deleting is a bit tricky. Sometimes it tells me asset is in use, other times it allows me to delete without much trouble. Not sure if there’s a work around for this other than keep deleting until it gets deleted :slight_smile:

Anyway that’s my feedback so far. Loving UE4!

Hi Pointyman,

We are taking this under consideration. Thank you for your feedback!

Have a great day,

Just thought id mention a workaround for renaming folders; you can make your new folder and move the contents, then just fix-up redirectors to cleanup all traces of your old stuff.

I am using version 4.4.1

I am still unable to rename folder. End up ‘New Folder’ as …new folder. Any idea when will this bug be fixed?