Renaming Folder issues


I have a strange issue in renaming folders.
-I’ve created a new folder including a subfolder. Then moved a few files in this directory.

  • then I renamed the main folder.
  • the new name is created including all the files. but the old folder name is still there.
  • the folder is empty, but if I want to delete the folder it gives a message that there are still files in there that have a reference.
    if I browse to the folder in windows there are still copies of the files in there. Default__[Filename]_C.uasset

I’ve just updated to the early access 2 version.

Regards Tim

What remains in the old folder are “redirectors”, which are temporary files that help resolve the broken references caused by the renaming. The solution is simple: In the Content Browser, right-click the remaining old folder, then click “Fix all redirectors in folder”. Then, you should re-save all files and your are free to delete the old folder. Done.

Hope this helps!

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Thx, this helps

Is there any reason why UE doesn’t apply ‘Fix all redirectors in folder’ automatically?

You wouldn’t be asking this if you’d already seen some of the downsides. :stuck_out_tongue: But very quickly, changes made at or near root in medium to large projects can take ages to complete. Basically complex dependencies can touch a lot of files, and if some of those are incremental versions of umap’s with large landscapes, better go for a long walk. :rage: Also there’s no way for the engine to know if the changes you’re making are finished yet, or just beginning. So UE would have to keep asking the equivalent of rebuild changes now / later?

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Furthermore, when working in large teams, someone might be making modifications to a map and if you Fix Up Redirectors it’ll save that map, creating a conflict or blocking the system if you lock files.

Best approach is to always do Fix Up Redirectors at a set time (at night / weekends) when you know all the files would be available.