Renaming Dino Character BP children causes dinos to vanish from server


I made children BP of several dino charctrer BP’s and then after a week renamed them, now the players tames have vansihed, I assume it is because of the remaning of the BP.

Looking at the Ptero charachter there is a Ptero_Character_BP and a Ptero_Character_BP_Saddle. Can some one tell me wha tthe saddle class is for? it looks like a dino BP so I assume it is the Peter with a saddle mesh added. If I mess with these calsses will players loos their Petra’s?

renaming any dino once someone has the dino tamed on there server will delete that dino that is tamed and the classes of dino to its saddle is done by the dinos class name

Ok, so if I made a child Ptero_Character_BP_my_child do I need to make a Ptero_Character_BP_Saddle_my_child or wilt the main BP still link to the Ptero_Character_BP_Saddle class? I would try it but I am at work and cant try till tonight.


The Saddle is tied to the dino by the Dino Name Tag, don’t change the tag and you should be able to use the saddle. Double check the Adding custom dinos how to thread, it explains a bit more.

thanks for the info