Rename project through Launcher?

In Launcher we have Open, Delete, Clone and Show In Folder. Can we expect a Rename option too? :slight_smile:

Very good and simple request ! you can do it via the config file, but for the sake of better user experience it should be in the project menu.

Yes please, I’m way too lazy to rename my backups so I have multiple projects with the same name.

Yep ryanjon2040 and please we are waiting a working fullscreen mode alt+enter

I made a Launcher myself recently and added Rename option and it renames the project file and config but not the directory name. :frowning:

Give us that!!! :slight_smile:

Haha well its not finished :p. I dont work on it now. I might later get on it but not for a month or so.

Love the Dark/blue Visual Studio style

Hey Folks,

Producer for the Launcher team here at Epic. I’ll add this to out teams backlog. If it’s as simple as it sounds and there’s no hidden gotchas we’ll add it to a future release.

thanks for the feedback and good ideas :slight_smile:

  • Adam

Great! Thanks Adam. :slight_smile:

Yay! that’s cool i was about to request this feature
Thank you very much

I’m guessing there was a hidden gotcha?

Any updates on this guys ?