Rename object-name of a component in blueprint

I am setting automatic collision boxes to an actor.
And when the player is hitting one of these collision boxes they will activate an event IF they have a specific name.
But for some reason I can’t rename the object-name of a component with nodes. (see image)
There is just no node like “Set Object Name”…
Anyone dealt with it before? :confused:



I think you would probably be better off creating a new Blueprint that contains a Box Collision component and a string variable which is exposed on spawn. That way, when you add the box collision Blueprint, you can set the string to whatever it needs to be, and then when you’re doing your check for a specific name you test it against the string variable it contains.

Let me know if you need a more detailed explanation of any of that.

But the amount of box collisions will be different for each actor.
I guess because of that it wouldn’t work with your method, would it?
I think it will work with a Stract, which puts the BoxCollision-reference together with the name, but thats kind of inconvenient…

Will tags work for this?

Another alternative is to add the box collision to a Map variable that is ‘Collision Box:String’

For such an extended engine like unreal, it’s just silly this doesn’t work. It’s like the most basic functionality of an object right.