Rename AnimationSequence to MeshAnimation

Now that sequencer is here to replace matinee, there is more renaming work to do…
here are my renaming suggestions for Epic:

rename AnimationSequence to MeshAnimation

  • meshes aren’t the only animated thing anymore, this name is way too generic.

**rename Flipbook to SpriteAnimation **

  • “<Asset>Animation” should be a common naming convention for any asset that animates another asset.

**rename LevelSequence to AnimationSequence **

  • Sequencer is more generic than a level, it should distance itself more from matinee, as a reusable real time asset. it doesn’t just sequence level assets, it spawns its own stuff as well.

**rename Destructible to FractureMesh **

  • Destroy is already a concept in UE4, so you cant verb a destructible. what verb can you do to a destructible? you can Fracture it. FractureMesh, FractureAsset, etc…

now AnimationSequences would be a generic thing, which can control MeshAnimations and SpriteAnimations, and fracturing an actor would be clearly different from destroying an actor.

once Niagra comes along, we could have EmitterAnimations as well. this naming convention should apply any time an asset animates another asset.

those are my renaming suggestions.

do you have any suggestions for renaming parts of the UE4 framework? post them below.
or let me know why you disagree with any of these renaming suggestions.