Removing Widget on Button Click

I’ve been trying to figure out something for the last few hours.

I’m trying to make a pause menu which works, but there’s something I can’t figure out.

When the menu opens, the player has the option to click on the side menus and open other windows like Items, Equipment, Options etc. I’ve managed to get it to open when Items is clicked for example, but cannot seem to remove that widget when another button is clicked for that to display.
I have attached the Blueprint for what currently works. I did try to add ‘Remove from Parent’ node, but it seemed to delete the button when I assigned the Target to ‘ItemMenu’ (which is the button) and if theres nothing assigned to the Target, the whole Menu will vanish and only leave the Item & Option menu open. Whilst the buttons for navigation and the bottom bar vanished.

The other thing I thought of was if the button destroy’s the Item Menu when displayed, won’t that need to be assigned to Equipment for example and the other sub menus that could be open instead of the item menu?