Removing Underwater Shadows

did a quick search and didnt see this info so sorry if i missed the post-

situation -

i am somewhat **** about mechanical details, and am designing an ark map. have been working on this particular issue with increasing frustration for about 24 hours straight, before catching a few hours of sleep and a short shift at work.

problem -

theres shadows at the bottom of the ocean. that about sums it up. i dont want shadows at the bottom of the ocean, but i want to retain shadows otherwise. cant seem to figure out how to do it.

what i’ve managed to far-

got a water plane, and water physics volume. got a moving skybox, skylight, and directional light. All linked properly as far as i can tell.

tried using exponential fog to mask the bottom of the ocean, so you cant just look down into it and see whats going on in the deep end. works like a charm, and i technically can use it to get rid of the shadows in the depths completely… except for the part where it apparently makes any and all lights stop functioning down there (tested with an Angler fish) which is definately not what i want… so i gotta find something else.

thanks in advance for any and all assistance rendered.

Editing rather than reposting - found a stopgap solution. If you go into the default map, you can grab one of the square platforms from that, blow it up in scale and set it to allow shadows while not visible… then turn off the visibility option. that actually got me an effect about what i wanted.

could you use the dirt plane instead?

not really sure, cant find it to drop it in