Removing UE function from widget sets binding to 'none'

If you bind a function to a, e.g, text widget, then remove it by deleting it in graph editor, bind will get set to ‘none’ as opposed to get removed. will cause a compile error and will have to be removed manually when function should be automatically removed from bind when deleted.

Obviously minor but seems like an oversight.


Hey RumbleMonk,

Thanks for report! I was able to reproduce in 4.7.2 and in our internal build, so I have entered a bug report for developers (UE-11509). I’ll post here when I see any update on it. Thanks!

I have same problem…
Please fix it, thx <3

I ran into same problem today using 4.9.2-2707645.

After adding a binding and 1) deleting binding function from graph editor functions list or 2) Deleting End Node in node editor, error message is displayed:
“Binding: Widget ColorAndOpacityDelegate(or other property name) property. TextBlock 5: Binding: ‘None’ : Couldn’t find None in HUD” (I translated it from Japanese, so it’s not verbatim)

To fix it you have to Remove binding by clicking on the “f None” binding button for property you’d previously binded, and then choose “Remove binding”. 'll fix compile error, but note that doing will NOT delete binding function from function list in graph editor.

error message doesn’t make it easy to figure out. (Would be nice if it just had a note saying "Try removing bind from Textblock_X’s X property.)

Good day, how do you remove “manually” bind? i have same error but cannot find bind nodes for manual deletion

Still no solution to bug? error message doesn’t give any clue as to how to fix that.