Removing starter content 4.7.4

I tried to remove starter content and the assets are gone but when I reload my project the folder structure returns (every time I delete it out). If I move a folder like Audio, even if empty, to Content, when I reload, the moved folder is gone and the old one is back in StarterContent.

Hi tomofnz -

There is a new ini line that must be removed if you want to remove any starter content or any pack inputted content.

If you open the DefaultGame.ini file in your project’s config subdirectory and remove or set false the following -


Thank You

Eric Ketchum


In my opinion, this really should be achievable using the editor and one should not have to hunt for and delete configurations.

Or it should be an option when creating your new project.

I am using 4.12.15 and StarterContent keeps appearing even though I removed the above lines in defaultgame.ini file. Any suggestions?

Ok, I figured it out:

  1. Change the defaultgame.ini as described above.
  2. right click on the folder in content browser and ‘Fix Up Redirectors in Folder’. I’ve also read somewhere that it should be done twice
  3. delete the folder in content browser
  4. save the project and close the editor
  5. delete the folder in Explorer
  6. open the editor and it should be gone.