removing spawned decals


I am spawning decals on an object (a whiteboard), using spawn decal attached, and caching the decalcomponents in an array.

What I want to do is implement an eraser object, and call destroycomponent on any decals within a box region attached to the eraser.

The problem is I am having trouble with is figuring out a strategy for testing the rotated box against the decals.

I tried box trace, but that doesn’t seem to hit the components

is there a point in oriented box test somewhere im missing?

Maybe you can try in your box blueprint: Click event (or event actor on click or the key you want) / get overlapping actors (for actor or only component if box is only a part of your blueprint) with decal actor selected in class filter / for each loop / destroy actor linked from array element.

Hi, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately it seems you don’t get overlap events with decalcomponents or decalactors, I tried several approaches then finally gave up and solved the problem another way. I derived a blueprint from decalactor, and added a sphere, and use the sphere overlap events to know when to delete the decal. This is rather inefficient but solved the problem. Just posting here in case anyone else has the same issue.

Oh yes, just figured it. Sorry for the mistake.